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"The term Art Extraordinary highlights the achievements of the artists rather than the obstacles they face." Wikipedia




 UPDATE: Terence called us Aug 4th 2015. he is in an inpatient treatment facility not far from us so we are going to encourage his artwork.

New work and new images of the artist on the 1st ARTWORK page.

Aug 6th 2015

He had been painting since 1971. His work is influenced by Picasso, and ancient American civilizations such as Anasazi, Aztec, Mayan, and Inca.

Mr. Dalton quotes Dylan Thomas, Aldus Huxley and says the doors of perception opened slowly for him. He says," At first, the doors in my mind opened a little and then shut again."

He says now the door to his inner life has been "open all the time for 20 years." 



Terence Dalton 10/07 

The self portrait above his head is titled "Southern Mystic".

Mr. Dalton says he has now been in the south long enough to claim that.


"Animus Shaman "

15"x 22" Indelible pen on paper


"Blue Spirit Self"

11"x 14" Indelible pen on paper

"Canine Icon"

11"x 14" Indelible pen on paper


"Red Spirit Self "

11"x 14" Indelible pen on paper


Dalton was born in Jersey City NJ. Both of this parents were school teachers.

 In his senior year at Villanova, Dalton began spending 8 hrs a day at the library researching art and the subconscious. He read an interview with Jackson Pollock who spoke about Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" . He researched the impact of the study of Psychology on Modern Art. Dalton began to paint his own iconography in 1971. He graduated with a degree in Business, but by then his consciousness had been expanded to explore his inner visions. 



"Girl Shaman"

14"x 17 " Indelible pen on paper


" Feminine Spirits"

15"x 22" Indelible pen on paper




14"x 17 " Indelible pen on paper

Mr Dalton remains a treasure it has been my pleasure to know.






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