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"The term Art Extraordinary highlights the achievements of the artists rather than the obstacles they face." Wikipedia





On this page are new images of Terence and the work he has stored at an inpatient treatment facility. Taken a week ago (August 2015) he looks good and wants me to represent his work. While it has worked for us in the past when we did one sale at a time and gave him the money, now it might be more difficult. We will see what measures we need to take to get his work seen by a larger auduence. Mr. Dalton is an authentic Art Extrodinaire artist with great insight into the images he makes. He deserves recognition.

Please be aware that these images were taken with a cell phone in bad light.


Terence Dalton Aug 6th 2015


This is a small fraction of the artwork Mr. Dalton has produced. True to the nature of his creative impulse, he has made thousands of drawings and paintings during his life as an inpatient. Huge amounts of the work has been lost due to moving from place to place. We hope to help him maintain his creative expression.


"Self Portrait "





These paintings are displayed on the porch where Mr. Dalton lives. His artwork is shared with other members of his group home.



"Girl Shaman"









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