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"History of the World"

8' x 4' Acrylic on Wood Panel










"Tree of Life II"

14" x 19" Acrylic paint and found objects on wood panel.


A continuing theme in Bradbury's work, his 'tree of life" appears in other paintings

as an object among other objects.

"Blue Sphere I"

Convex Metal Cylinder covered in Acrylic Paint

with rusted metal objects attached.






"Tree of Life I"

20" x 26" Acrylic on Wood Panel


Another rendering of his ' tree of life' theme is the content of this painting.




"Carolina Duck"

17" x 19" Acrylic paint on salvaged cabinet door.



"Blue Vase, Bialetti, and Paint Brushes"

Acrylic Paint on old baking sheet.





"DeChirico Too"

Acrylic paint on found object with a hollowed hand hold. 6" x 9"

Small bas relief piece carved out above the horizon line.



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